“Our guests were blown away by the dazzling display of sushi, noodles, salads and other Japanese delicacies that Miho artfully presented for our party in December! Miho arrived at our house on time and prepared the most delicious food and had everything ready when guests arrived. She was adept at replenishing, when needed and cleaned up quietly and professionally. Miho helped us plan just the right selection and amounts of food and was fun to work with! We can’t wait to have another party with Miho taking care of us!”

Beryl D.

“I had the opportunity to experience Miho’s culinary genius at a friend’s dinner party. I was impressed by the exquisite presentation and couldn’t get enough of the delicious salads and sushi that could have “walked off my plate” it was so fresh. I would not hesitate recommending her to any foodie with the highest standards. “

Lorin L.

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