Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!!  I’d like to thank all of  you for supporting MihoCatering in 2016. There were many wonderful parties I was able to be a part of, and each one of them meant a lot to me.  All the friends whom I met through these parties, it was so nice to meet you and hope to see you this year again.

My last year’s goals other than successful catering works, was to complete the world major 6 marathons (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, New York and Chicago).  I had finished a few marathons in 2015, and  Chicago in October 2016 was my final one. That took some of my time so I’m hoping to get busy with more parties this year.  I definitely hope to see you all again, and make new friends at new parties.

Some pictures from our recent fun events….


Happy New Year to you

Hello everyone and it is certainly a Happy New Year! I hope your new year is going well so far. My 2015 was a great year, most importantly, I met great people  through MihoCatering parties, and was able to share my cooking with them. Each party was unique and memorable that I would love to continue to meet more great people like you😃 so let’s plan on your next party with MihoCatering!!

Since this is usually the time of the year to set a sort of “goal” well known as a “New Year resolution” I shall propose a few of mine….. It gets a little personal though😅

1. More catering parties and new recipe than last year

2. Be more respectful to others 

3. Run more marathons 

How about yours?  We all live in such a busy society and often tend to be stressed than relaxed when you have so much going on in your daily lives.  For that reason, your goal may not remain strong as you first attempted.  Even if you fall into an old routine, let’s try to remember to be positive by thinking happy fun things within realistic reach….. like getting some beautiful flower bouquet, morning coffee date with friends, get some guilty pleasure ice cream, or simply call Miho for delicious custom cusine for romantic or fun dinner party?

Either way,  I sincerely hope to meet you in near future.

There are a few photos from some parties during the holiday seasons. There was an engagement party over the thanksgiving and of course fancy New Year’s Eve party.    

Say ” Happy New Year” by sharp and fancy looking ladies and gentlemen
    Enjoying the feast!

  GF Chicken skewers and GF Kobe beef w/ mushroom stir fry

 Pork belly sandwich yummmm…       


   Engagement party duringThanksgiving holiday, no turkey allowed on a table 

Lovin’ Colorado Summer

Hi everyone!! How’s your summer going?  August is already going by so fast, Colorado summer is certainly passing by us.  I hope you’ve had a lot of fun and still having a blast!  Before our calendar says “back-to-school”, would you like to add another fabulous memory to your summer 2015? How about an outdoor gathering with miho’s yummy food?   There were great parties that I was able to be a part of.  Each party had unique themes and meanings to whom gathered there, and I sure had a great time with each one of them.  Thank you so very much everyone for having me in your event.   Here are some pictures that I’d like to share with you, and remember, a party like this can happen at your own home as you wish…. soon as you give miho a request!

Ready for Summer Party?

Hello, everyone! After dealing with rainy cold weather in May, summer is finally here!!  Hope you have lots of fun stuff planned.  Summer is my favorite season here in Colorado, there are many activities that we all enjoy; hiking, biking, dipping in a creek, gathering around the pool, picnicking with some music, outing in favorite dresses, but most importantly, outdoor parties with friends and families are must!

How about a fabulous afternoon cocktail party with Tuna Poke and Salmon Tartar?  A family reunion in your sweet home with fresh Seared Scallops and Yellowtail Carpaccio?  Adding some Green Mussels and Shrimp Dumplings to your annual hotdog party on a 4th of July weekend in your back yard?  Or at a pool party drinking Japanese spirits “Shojyu” while snacking on deep fried Soft Shell Crabs and Salmon Skin Chips?

If any of these sound irresistible, you are on a right track to host the best summer party ever!  There are many delicious items that you can choose from to suit “your kind” of party, whether it’s a line up of raw fish or deep fried yumminess, or baked goodies.  Your wish list will turn into your “dream come true” party.

Let’s have miho plan and prepare your most unforgettable super awesome parties this summer!!

Wanna Cook with Miho for Your Anniversary?

Let’s say you want to celebrate an important event differently this year than how you would normal do … instead of going out for fancy dinner, actually MAKE fancy and yummy dinner with your love in your own home?  Well…. Jewl knew that’s exactly what she wanted for her 10th anniversary.  She wanted to learn how to make vegetable gyoza and tempura, and sushi!!   YES, that wish came true in her lovely home with her husband and we all ROCKED on cooking together from A to Z.

For this special anniversary dinner, she requested some specific items and sauces she wanted to know how to make,  so I showed up with all the ingredients and cooking supplies.  I’d explain, she’d take some notes, I’d show her how, she and husband would follow and get their hands on after my short demonstration on things like wrapping chopped vegetables in gyoza skins, making a variety of sushi rolls and cutting them.  They were no strangers to cooking….. their enthusiasm and great energy made our cooking session so much fun and enjoyable.  I have no doubt they will be rocking on cooking what we just did in the future.  Lastly, we cooked up gyoza and vegetable tempura so it’s crisp and juicy hot as everything gets served fresh on a table. They had special sake bottles to make this dinner more memorable and it was just perfect.  Everything we cooked together was on a table at the end and we couldn’t have been happier, it was absolutely perfect!!

Happy Anniversary to you guys, I enjoyed our cooking together session very much. Cheers!!