How was your superbowl party?

As winter going by so fast, football season has ended with a great superbowl game. Whichever the team you were rooting for, hope you had a great time watching it and hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and family.  One of the most important ingredients of having a great party is having right kind of foods. Here is one happy group of people who had Miho’s food cooked and served at the party.  It was not a typical football feast, just want to warn you!  No pizza, no hotdogs, no nachos, not even hot wings! This is how your party can turn into, something different from anything you’ve had before at your ordinary parties, any party can turn into miho’s yummy food party.   Here are a few items lined up all the way till the half time show.  Everyone was happy and full needless to say…

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