Ready for Summer Party?

Hello, everyone! After dealing with rainy cold weather in May, summer is finally here!!  Hope you have lots of fun stuff planned.  Summer is my favorite season here in Colorado, there are many activities that we all enjoy; hiking, biking, dipping in a creek, gathering around the pool, picnicking with some music, outing in favorite dresses, but most importantly, outdoor parties with friends and families are must!

How about a fabulous afternoon cocktail party with Tuna Poke and Salmon Tartar?  A family reunion in your sweet home with fresh Seared Scallops and Yellowtail Carpaccio?  Adding some Green Mussels and Shrimp Dumplings to your annual hotdog party on a 4th of July weekend in your back yard?  Or at a pool party drinking Japanese spirits “Shojyu” while snacking on deep fried Soft Shell Crabs and Salmon Skin Chips?

If any of these sound irresistible, you are on a right track to host the best summer party ever!  There are many delicious items that you can choose from to suit “your kind” of party, whether it’s a line up of raw fish or deep fried yumminess, or baked goodies.  Your wish list will turn into your “dream come true” party.

Let’s have miho plan and prepare your most unforgettable super awesome parties this summer!!

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