Wanna Cook with Miho for Your Anniversary?

Let’s say you want to celebrate an important event differently this year than how you would normal do …..like instead of going out for fancy dinner, actually MAKE fancy and yummy dinner with your love in your own home?  Well…. Jewl knew that’s exactly what she wanted for her 10th anniversary.  She wanted to learn how to make vegetable gyoza and tempura, and sushi!!   YES, that wish came true in her lovely home with her husband and we all ROCKED on cooking together from A to Z.

For this special anniversary dinner, she requested some specific items and sauces she wanted to know how to make,  so I showed up with all the ingredients and cooking supplies.  I’d explain, she’d take some notes, I’d show her how, she and husband would follow and get their hands on after my short demonstration on things like wrapping chopped vegetables in gyoza skins, making a variety of sushi rolls and cutting them.  They were no strangers to cooking….. their enthusiasm and great energy made our cooking session so much fun and enjoyable.  I have no doubt they will be rocking on cooking what we just did in the future.  Lastly, we cooked up gyoza and vegetable tempura so it’s crisp and juicy hot as everything gets served fresh on a table. They had special sake bottles to make this dinner more memorable and it was just perfect.  Everything we cooked together was on a table at the end and we couldn’t have been happier, it was absolutely perfect!!

Happy Anniversary to you guys, I enjoyed our cooking together session very much. Cheers!!

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