Happy New Year to you

Hello everyone and it is certainly a Happy New Year! I hope your new year is going well so far. My 2015 was a great year, most importantly, I met great people  through MihoCatering parties, and was able to share my cooking with them. Each party was unique and memorable that I would love to continue to meet more great people like you😃 so let’s plan on your next party with MihoCatering!!

Since this is usually the time of the year to set a sort of “goal” well known as a “New Year resolution” I shall propose a few of mine….. It gets a little personal though😅

1. More catering parties and new recipe than last year

2. Be more respectful to others 

3. Run more marathons 

How about yours?  We all live in such a busy society and often tend to be stressed than relaxed when you have so much going on in your daily lives.  For that reason, your goal may not remain strong as you first attempted.  Even if you fall into an old routine, let’s try to remember to be positive by thinking happy fun things within realistic reach….. like getting some beautiful flower bouquet, morning coffee date with friends, get some guilty pleasure ice cream, or simply call Miho for delicious custom cusine for romantic or fun dinner party?

Either way,  I sincerely hope to meet you in near future.

There are a few photos from some parties during the holiday seasons. There was an engagement party over the thanksgiving and of course fancy New Year’s Eve party.    

Say ” Happy New Year” by sharp and fancy looking ladies and gentlemen
    Enjoying the feast!

  GF Chicken skewers and GF Kobe beef w/ mushroom stir fry

 Pork belly sandwich yummmm…       


   Engagement party duringThanksgiving holiday, no turkey allowed on a table 

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