Gourmet food for Baby Shower?

Had a baby? or will have a baby? or organizing a shower for your love? If yes, wouldn’t you want something more than brownies, green salad and cheese & crackers????

That’s when you can count on miho for this kind of special baby shower!!  Yes, a table full of wonderful gourmet foods.  It was such a sweet gathering of friends, classmates and their professors for celebrating soon to be born baby and a birth of 3 weeks old baby .  New mom enjoyed her sashimi (raw fish) after being careful not to consume raw fish for a while, and  soon to be a mom enjoyed having lots of choices from cooked food and vegetarian options.  So even if you are pregnant with concerns with sashimi and sushi, no problem!  You will have many items to choose from.  For this party, we had variety of meats, fish, and vegetarian options.

Menu: Green Mussels, Chicken Karaage( Japanese style friend chicken), Salmon Skin Chips, Kabocha Pumpkin cooked in Japanese style,  Kimpira Gobo(burdock roots), Yakisoba Noodles with Pork, Kobe Beef with Lotus Roots and Mushroom, Grilled Cod, Vegetable Tempura, Hamachi Carpaccio, Tuna Poke on Cucumber slices, Sushi Rolls and Nigiri.

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