Gourmet food for Baby Shower?

Had a baby? or will have a baby? or organizing a shower for your love? If yes, wouldn’t you want something more than brownies, green salad and cheese & crackers????

That’s when you can count on miho for this kind of special baby shower!!  Yes, a table full of wonderful gourmet foods.  It was such a sweet gathering of friends, classmates and their professors for celebrating soon to be born baby and a birth of 3 weeks old baby .  New mom enjoyed her sashimi (raw fish) after being careful not to consume raw fish for a while, and  soon to be a mom enjoyed having lots of choices from cooked food and vegetarian options.  So even if you are pregnant with concerns with sashimi and sushi, no problem!  You will have many items to choose from.  For this party, we had variety of meats, fish, and vegetarian options.

Menu: Green Mussels, Chicken Karaage( Japanese style friend chicken), Salmon Skin Chips, Kabocha Pumpkin cooked in Japanese style,  Kimpira Gobo(burdock roots), Yakisoba Noodles with Pork, Kobe Beef with Lotus Roots and Mushroom, Grilled Cod, Vegetable Tempura, Hamachi Carpaccio, Tuna Poke on Cucumber slices, Sushi Rolls and Nigiri.

Making Connections with Locals

As you may know, MihoCatering is a small local business which I started myself from the love of cooking and passion for providing fabulous Japanese cuisine for your special occasions and by the word of mouth, it is slowly getting out there, yet marketing and connecting with people have been a challenge for me…..uhmmm

Then, I was introduced to Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and local meet up groups recently for connecting with local business owners and the guests.  I was able to attend a few events to introduce my business with a few plates of sushi to represent MihoCatering!  Everyone was driven and hard working individual that we, “small business owners” are active and putting lots of efforts to get recognized in our communities. So I really hope to meet you in person at your party. Go Local!

Hello Spring!

Hello hello and hello to spring! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Colorado weather in the warm breeze.  Now we are putting cold weather, skiing and snow activities almost behind us, there may be more time for being active and getting together with friends and family. Easter and graduation are coming to our calendar, miho’s delicious Japanese cuisine can light up your table with spring flowers. My winter was more skiing and snowboarding than any other years, playing music, watching movies, not as many parties as I would have liked, but winter is a slow season for everything, now I feel ready to come out of boots and jackets to have springy happy cheerly fun with you all.  I certainly hope to see you at your fabulous events and parties, I am sure to satisfy you with colorful delicious sushi, fresh sashimi, and perfectly cooked kobe beef and more!  Be sure to have miho on your planner. Here are some “photo-shoot” party we had last week with great friends. This was a perfect excuse for all us to get together to celebrate our official spring’s arrival with tasty wines, sake and many of miho’s dishes.  Check it out!!

How was your superbowl party?

As winter going by so fast, football season has ended with a great superbowl game. Whichever the team you were rooting for, hope you had a great time watching it and hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and family.  One of the most important ingredients of having a great party is having right kind of foods. Here is one happy group of people who had Miho’s food cooked and served at the party.  It was not a typical football feast, just want to warn you!  No pizza, no hotdogs, no nachos, not even hot wings! This is how your party can turn into, something different from anything you’ve had before at your ordinary parties, any party can turn into miho’s yummy food party.   Here are a few items lined up all the way till the half time show.  Everyone was happy and full needless to say…

Have you planned your Valentine’s yet?

It can be a headache for you gentlemen to plan a perfect Valentine’s day for your special someone. Well, you may want to think of miho this year for your romantic dinner at your own home.  Miho will bring you an unforgettable dinner that will make you two feel like so special .  Miho can consult special menu especially for you. Make sure to contact miho before it’s too late!!