Miho is coming to your home for your five star course meal

It is that easy to have a five star restaurant meal at your own home when miho is there.  All you have to do is call miho and tell her what you want.  Having miho as your personal chef is easier than you think, plus you get to stay at your own home and skip all the troubles of going out….no parking wars, no driving under the sake influence, and you can crush straight to your couch and be cozy afterward or even during your dream meal.  You can have a group of people or just you or you and your loved ones…..miho will fix your perfect dream meal for all of you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you are interested, you get to watch chef miho prepare your meal right in front of you.

It is very personal and rewarding opportunity to get to prepare a meal for you in your own kitchen and that is one of miho’s most favorite things to do, so please remember to have miho on your calendar when you want a delicious food in your own home.

Holiday food by miho

Happy New Year to all!!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.  I want to thank you everyone for your continuous support and for your love for food by miho.  I will continue to rock your parties by providing delicious Japanese cuisine at your own home, in case you haven’t gotten enough of miho.

Speaking of the party, I had many opportunities to go to parties during the holiday season toward this new year.  Every gathering I had with friends and families, there were always some miho food on the table.  Though there may have been some “unlike holiday” dishes and you may not easily guess which holiday we were celebrating,  the most important thing is that we all enjoyed our company with so much delicious food to celebrate our time together.  So if you wish to have some outstanding Japanese food to brighten up your party , you know who to call!!

Here are some inside party scenes that you might have missed……and of course, this can all happen at your own house when you think of these yummy foods at your party in 2015.

Congrats to Graduate!

Congrats to a new Graduate with miho’s sushi luncheon! Friends and families gathered to celebrate an accomplishment of his long journey at CU Boulder with one of his favorites on a table, Sushi!!    Everybody enjoyed this beautiful special day with lots of smiles and laughters wishing our newly graduate the best.  Of course, miho’s food cheered everybody and crowds were all around the table till everything was gone!  Thanks for having miho on this wonderful occasion!  It was an amazingly beautiful event.

Menu: Sushi Nigiri Platters (Maguro, Shake, Hamachi, Ebi), Sushi Roll Platters (California Rolls, Avocado Rolls, Eel/Avo Rolls, Vege Rolls, Shake maki, Tekka Maki, Orgasm Rolls), Seaweed salad, Shrimp Dumplings, Pork potstickers, Yakisoba Noodles, Tuna Poki on Cucumber cups, Kabocha (Japanese squash) .

Happy Chanukah with some miho’s additions!?

Any celebration can be done with a touch of miho’s yummy food.  I was invited to my first time Chanukah dinner, celebrating their happy 3rd day so here I come with something not too typical Chanukah dinner dish.  It may not have been a traditional style though we all enjoyed a great dinner and a wonderful company…….

How about yummy sushi birthday party by miho?

There was another great birthday party with a great company, drinks, laughters, and of course, miho’s yummy food! Would you like a birthday party just like this? yes you would!

Menu: Sushi Nigiri Platters (Maguro, Shake, Hamachi, Ebi, Saba, Bincho Tombo, Tamago, Inari), Sushi Rolls platters (California Rolls,  Baked Spicy Rolls, Philly Rolls, Avocado Rolls, Vege Rolls, Eel/Avo Rolls, Negi Hama Rolls, Orgasm Rolls), Shrimp Dumplings, Pork Potstickers, Tuna Poki, Salmo Poki, Yakisoba Noodles, Rice pop cakes.